Meet our Staff

2020 - 2021
bridges Staff

Staff Members

Student Staff

Millie Hernandez

External Director

Jillian Perez

Internal Director

Daisy Gamero

K-12 Recruitment Director

Pedro De Anda Plascencia

Outreach Director

Henry Ly

Operations Director

Fartun Adan

Organizing and Community Development Director

Evelyn Arellano

Retention Director

Diana Garza

Finance Director

Julie Lemus

Public Relations Director

Perla Gonzalez Ramirez

Transfer Director

Aliyah Behimino

Wellness Director

Ria Isabel Martinez

Gender and Sexuality Awareness Director

Hans Ocampo

Data Analysis Director

Full-Time Employees

Lien Truong

Program Director

Lyone Conner

Program Director

Elizabeth Aranda

Wellness Coordinator


We are a student group acting independently of the University of California. We take full responsibility for our organization and this web site.